Our Mission


To contribute to our clients’ success by partnering with them to enhance their business, which we create streamlined processes and innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

Our Goal

"Custom solutions to remove bottlenecks"

Automation comes in a variety of shapes, looks, and feels. However, the goal is always the same. Making repetitive tasks more efficient. Freeing up your time and energy.

Our Expertise

"Subject matter experts (SMEs) in all areas"

RN has always prided itself with the level of performance attained by our employees. Our people have a genuine interest in personal development, because of that they excel to the top in everything they do.

Our History

Our first passion at RN has always been renewable, sustainable energy, such as; solar and Geo-thermal. In 1996, the cost to bring these energies to market was high and interest was low. While the focus shifted to oil and gas the passion remained. RN has always performed its duties with sustainability in mind. All energies can be harvested in a sustainable, responsible manner.


Our original roots were in the field of renewable energy, where we investigated renewable energy sources such as Solar and Geothermal, in an effort to find a marketable solution to bring to market. At the time, costs were high and interest was low, as oil and gas were the favored sources of energy.

Our Identity

“The Gear” icon in our logo depicts our role in the translation of Energy from Supply to Market. The 2 colors represent the 2 areas of interface that we connect through our offerings. We interface between Production and the Market by implementing custom solutions that are ‘fit for purpose’ to both the supplier and consumer. Because every application will be different, we are committed to finding the optimal solution for each situation.

Our real product is Communications. The “Sinusoidal Wave” inside the gear indicates the communication link between source and destination. It loops as a continuous wave, providing feedback on how we can adjust to dynamic conditions and changes. It is in the center because it is the key factor in successfully providing any product or service. Without it, the solution becomes a static part that is quickly obsolete and ineffective.

“Design, Automation, Implementation” is our tagline. The core of our offerings is a ‘vendor neutral’ approach to designing and implementing automation systems that provide “Control, Feedback and Results”. We have provided system design experience since 1996, within the automation industry, with a continual focus on Excellence and improvement. Our experience includes; PLC system, Medium and low voltage systems, Data communications systems from remote areas, Remote control of complex processes, and implementation of Safety systems to protect staff and the environment.

Our Focus

Because our focus has always been to develop systems for harvesting energy for delivery to market, we focused on the practical application that was fit for the times. As the times change, we are once again refocused on integrating the renewable energy solutions that we were originally founded on.

The focus is changing globally, to develop renewable resources, reduce pollution and preserve our planet for future generations. We at RNE are working on the forefront of this effort to apply systems to achieve these renewed targets. This involves creativity and a flexible nature to find and apply solutions to these priorities, as well as develop new ones.

Let’s work together to find the best solution for you